Viparita Karani Bench or Box


  • Yoga stool is a unique and specialized Iyengar Yoga Prop that provides practitioners with stability in standing and balancing poses.
  • Helps practice standing twist poses.
  • Allows rotation of the spine and torso effectively without strain.
  • Made from superior quality pine wood with PU finish, rounded edges providing maximum comfort while practicing asana.
  • 100% Termite and rot resistant.
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  • Viparit Karani Box is a specialized Iyengar Yoga prop assisting a practitioner to perform Viparit Karani with ease.
  • Made of superior quality pinewood and hand-crafted to perfection. – It can be used to perform Viparita Karani inverted position, or with the self-assembling Setu Bandha bench one can perform Setu bandh Sarvangasana.
  • The smooth round edges provides comfort, The water based PU finishing of this prop ensures greater durability and also is termite free.
  • It can easily withstand the heavy weights.


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