Natural Rubber Yoga Mat- 5mm


Material Natural Rubber
Thickness 5 mm
Packing Size (LenghtxBreadth) 72″ x 24″
Packing Weight 3 kgs
Type Double Ply
Colour Dark Pink + Coral Pink
  • The  Double Layered Yoga Mat is long lasting, biodegradable and recyclable, making it a great choice for eco-conscious yogis.
  • Designed with a double texture on the top and bottom surfaces, the Double Layered Yoga Mat provides a high amount of friction with the floor or ground leading to a firm placement during intensive practice sessions.
  • It is made from superior quality and environmental friendly natural rubber that is durable, resistant to cracking and non-toxic, while also offering excellent support, cushion and traction.
  • Product Care: Avoid soaking or submerging in water and using any type of soap for cleaning, as it will compromise the performance and integrity of the mat.


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